I’m just a little crazy… okay quite a bit crazy, but that doesn’t mean that my ideas are completely incoherent. I love writing as a way to express all the ideas that take occupancy inside my head. To let out all of my creativity into a story is so much fun. In a story you can create your own worlds, characters, animals, people, and places, the possibilities are endless. Just thinking about it makes me excited!
Anyway, at school I’m a serious student, I try hard to get good grades and pray that I’m good enough to make it into proper rankings. Most people see me as a serious student but I think that I’ve shown my true side enough that most people realize just how silly I can be. One of my friends and I are like both halves of the same brain. We finish each others sentences, say things exactly at the same time, without meaning to, and what one of us doesn’t know the other does. It freaks people out from time to time. Hee hee, it’s fun to mess with people.
Anyway, that’s just about it that I have to say about myself so there.

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