visionary vixen!

Well, I’m an average teenage girl, with pretty much the same ambition as all you writers out there.. to become an author, with my main aim being, to eventually write a best seller.

I have always loved writing no matter what style it be.. Poems, Mini Stories, Lyrics, English Essays.. all essays. But only when it came to expressing myself, and writing in my own style do I truly enjoy and love my passion for writing.

I have a very supportive family and wonderful friends who always encourage me to do my best and never to give up, which is why when I found this website, I sought it as an opportunity to grow and learn in all aspects of writing.

Im a fairly outgoing and friendly person, love the outdoors, socializing and being with the people I love. But when it comes to writing, I always set aside some alone time so I can concentrate on putting my thoughts to paper and letting my imagination run wild.

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