Armour Vivant

I like writing, but I’m much more of a reader. Anything that inspires me, basically. Stories of hardships. Favorites? Halocaust Biographies, Runaway Slave Novels, anything of the sort. Give me a good story and I will spend hours laying on my bed reading.

And me, I’m just a normal highschool girl living in an average town. I love to argue. I’d probably be a great debater. But I’m thinking comedian or traveling.

as i edit this at… 1 45 in the morning, ive decided to add 2 important things.number one being i have dreadful insomnia if im not to bed by a certain time, and the second being i am obsessed with gilmore girls.

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say. Comments and Criticism? Go for it.

By the by, Armour Vivant means Living Love in French, in case you were wondering.

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