Aditi Broota

Hi, believe it or not, I’m a half-Panamanian half-American seventh grader, living in boring, God-forsaken Ohio. I (obviously) enjoy writing, but mostly about the Far East (i.e. Tibet, India, Cambodia, China, Japan, Mongolia…). I have an usual fascination for other cultures than my own, I hope to take up Bharatanatyam, a traditional Hindi dance, or possibly belly-dancing. I hope to more fully understand the cultures and concepts of Hinduism and Buddhism, as I already have done some research on them, but I was brought up as Roman Catholic, and am quickly approaching my confirmation. This, to me, is a very tedious subject for several reasons:
A. I started my Christian education a little late, so I have no idea how Confirmation is supposed to work
B. Too much pressure on my half- Do I really accept Catholic beliefs? Does this force me to stay Catholic forever?
C. Does God frown upon me for the questions mentioned above?
So, you can hopefully see why this concerns me so much. Anyway, if I could just leave my house and travel the world at my age, I would. If the United States did not have a democracy… Well, let’s just say that that is pretty much the only thing keeping me from moving to Panama, or Japan. Oh, also the fact that I’m right in the middle of my educational life, I know no Japanese (apart from the few phrases taught by a CD) and I’m still pretty much a child.

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