Axel Alloy

Wouldn’t you like to know? ... You would?! Oh… Well, in that case… scarpers

Naw, I’m just joshing. I won’t be too mean.

Name: Axel Alloy, named after one of my all time favorite animé characters.. Also known as Axel ‘Olivia’ Alloy. My friends call me Axel, and my non-friends don’t. Ms Alloy is the formal title, but no one calls me that. Nor does anyone call me just ‘Olivia’, since it doesn’t actually appear anywhere in my real name, which is Rachel, in case you were interested. You probably weren’t, so lets just forget I opened my digital mouth. Agreed?

Occupation: Professional Artist/Writer/Designer with the odd Voice Acting role thrown in.

Nationality/Heritage: British/Welsh/Chinese/French/German.

Religion: Pagan/Wiccan. (Ex Jehovah’s Witness.)

Personal Hobbies: Art, writing, dance, studying languages (Greek, Icelandic, Ancient Egyptian, Welsh), law, Egyptian history, Magic… Etc.

Likes: Family, Down-to-earth people, Open-minded people, Gods/Goddesses, Birds, the colour blue, Food (Mexican, Greek, Chinese, Italian), Law abiding people, Justice, Love, Cars, Guns, Aircraft, Being able to be herself.

Dislikes: Her sudden bouts of anger, Girly things, the colour pink, Slutty females, Emos, Fashionable Goths/Punks/Skaters/Bikers, Chavs, Hyperactive children with no sense of self control, Make-up, Revealing clothes, Long nails, Spending money on a rediculous level, Shopping, Parsnips, Suede, Narutards, I could go on forever…

Extra Info: Is currently suffering from Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in both arms and possible Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in her right wrist.

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