When a piece of radioactive pencil lead became embedded in Alex Romero’s thumb, he suddenly found himself with the proportionate strength, speed, and wit of a human writer! Henceforth, he decided to use his newfound abilities for justice as… Writer-Man!

PG2V and its Spinoffs can be found at:

A Practical Guide to Vampirism

From the Case Files of Celeste Bellini, Vampire Psychiatrist: The Liam O’Connor Sessions

Cpl. Arthur Eisenstein: Viet Nam Vampire
(I think this one is done, but who knows if they’re ever really finished?)

Also, be sure to read Melia’s CherryPop McGee series at:

I have discovered that 1024 characters is the perfect length to get exactly one plot point across at a time…

I’m primarily a screenwriter/filmmaker, and amateur screenwriting teacher, but I find joy in all forms of creative expression, from drawing and painting to cooking. I’ve recently discovered what a great outlet blogging is, and I’m hoping this site helps me to flex my prose muscles!

Well, one cold day a posse captured Billy
And the judge said, ‘String him up for what he did!’
And the cowboys and their kin
Like the sea, came pouring in
To watch the hanging of Billy the Kid…

(Now that’s storytelling!) Part of the Billy Joel posse with {Pens and Feathers}, Laine P. Grey, and T.F. Torrey…

Below are the starting points for multipart Ficlet threads and storylines I’ve contributed to. Just type in “” and one of the numbers below:

4453 2 A.M., Purgatory Diner
4485 Morning (This was a prequel I did to Legacy by TheWickedHaveMoreFun)
4742 Rollercoaster Addictions
by *[Pens & Feathers]
4944 The Pulse
by *[Pens & Feathers]
5020 Alex 1:1-13
5072 When I Fight Dorothy, Dorothy Always Wins
5885 The Moebius Trip
6285 A Brief Glimpse into the Mind of Stovohobo
by Stovohobo
6306 The Girl In The Surf
6723 Ficlet the 51st, and a Challenge
by Stovohobo
6984 The Stream of Consciousness Challenge
by *[Pens & Feathers]
7269 Bon Chance! (A Challenge)
by Laine P. Grey

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