Hey people! I’m 14 and a person that hates high school already. Erg. I LOVE Twilight to death and also love all books by Jodi Picoult. Writing stories is something that I enjoy a lot, but I hate writing essays too. There too formal for me. Got one book done already that’s….13 chapters long? And I’m working on another one my “editors” say is really good and when I stop writing it they send me hate mail.

What else to say?....I love music sooo music. I listen to it nonstop while I write and it calms me so much. As for the genre of music….I listen to all genres except for rap and hip hop. I also play flute and viola(which is bigger than a violin for all who don’t know).

Writing is my main pastime, making me sound like I have no life. Which is pretty much the case. School is boring, except for Wellness class. That’s pretty interesting, learning about drugs. XD

My writing style you ask? Don’t ask why (cuz I don’t know the answer) but I love writing about those topics that are total taboo in real life. My mindset is, Well no one writes about that, so I’m going to be different and write about it, and then I go for it. And my fav POV is totally first person. I mean, you really get into the character’s heads that way. And I’m sorry to everyone who is angered by how descriptive I can be, saying it isn’t right for ficlets. I like descriptions unlike those losers. Descriptions make things so much more intense.

Oh, I have a hamster named Hermes. The ficlet luck and the hamster Alec in Sangsue are based off of this little guy. Poor Hermes is unfortunetly schizophrenic, but he’s still uber adorable.

And now I think of what else to add on…..I’m sure more will be on the way.

I’ve got a bunch of mini stories on here. From what I hear they’re quite poetic. But I don’t know.

And about the topic of comments. Comments are greatly appreciated by me because they let me know if someone wants me to continue on with the story. And if I don’t get any with a story…I soon trash it. So if you really liked one of the stories….comment it! But if you dare advertise one of your stories on a comment towards me then I’ll concoct a strange punishment for you later on.

Finished Stuff

Sangsue: a virus spreads around the globe that makes all the infected turn to canibals.

Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota (L and T of Andrew Beck is part of this story as well, just different POV)The life story of a 13 year old girl with major issues in her life.

Tough Love: a guy in love with his hyperactive best friend

People in the Eyes of a Telepathic: title speaks for itself


The Affair of the Heart series with Warmheart: takes place around the halfway point of the 19th century in England. How will Evelyn solve the problems she’s faced with love?

Works in Progress

The Balconey: my attempt at a Nicholas Sparks type story

What Fate Sometimes Throws: the life of a girl whom had been unfortuently raped


Opposites: A boy who thinks there’s nothing left in the world for him. A girl who just wants the boy in her world.

The Bitter End: what happens when a guy falls in love with a hooker by a simple kiss? Find out. PS Sorry pianoman, just couldn’t finish it. Go ahead with it yourself if you want.

And if you really want a story out of the failure box you can blackmail me until I do.

Hope you enjoy!

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