Mr Reeses

My name is Detre, also known as Mr Reeses, and I like to write. Currently I resided in Philly and I’m a sophmore in college. I love to write and express my feelings down on paper and in playing the flugehorn (the grandfather of the trumpet)

I like to write stories about romance, relationships, emotion, drama and feelings. From different points of views and different experiences. I can take critism, good or bad, cause I always want to improve.

Tell me what you think about my writings, so that I can improve and send me a note if you write a prequel or a sequel to one of my writings. Thanks alot

I have a couple of new characters in my random stories that I like to put out there so I have a new JD Series which are stories that star John and Denise. Now the series doesnt go in order.

A little something about John & Denise: They both are athletes, very toned with their bodies. I like interracial couples so John is a caucasian male and Denise is african american woman. I do want to stress that I dont want to make Denise the stereotypical black woman but she has her times as anyone else does.They have been together intimately for a year while been friends for more than five years so…. A lot of people like when I write stories about them so I have been. So I introduce to you the JD Series.

Some Chapters of the JD Series:
The Bestfriend Chapters- (3 ficlets)
The Raw Chapters- (3 ficlets)
The Lock Chapters (31 ficlets)

Of Course they are others, just random ones, they have (JD Series) with the title. Unfort. their chapters arent named.

And now to switch it up, so you wont get tired of John and Denise’s characters, I have a new series that I’m writing entitled the LA Series, who introduces a freshman in college, Andi and her bestfriend Laura Ann,
a super-senior in the same college whom are roommates in school. Andi, a small town woman experiences a big city college scene and the twin of Denise, Laura Ann balances her career, and she’s in school studying for her masters degree but can she handle a relationship too?. Hope you like. Enjoy.

One of my newest stories begins with story lines, which relate to the holidays, starting with New Years’ Eve. When I first started this story, it was supposed to be like 6 ficlets but I let my imagination run, and I have written alot. So check it out, you might like this storyline, it portrays to a younger Denise, before she met John, and when she was a college student. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it:

The Holiday Chapters (45 Ficlets)

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