I like feed-back, so PLEASE tell me honestly what you think.

Because, how can I improve, if you don’t help me??
I love to write. I write songs and poems.
I’ve been meaning to post stories, but that is not my love. I try and try, but I seem not to succeed. My friends are all creative. I love them and my family.

One of my close friends passed away in a terrible car crash. It saddened my family. My best friend Blossom, who is on here as Blossom Ruoqen, was her sister. I LOVE YOU BLAH!! ♥

In Loving Memory (My Sister in My Heart):

Song For How I Am Feeling About Oie:

My Challenge:

One of My Favorite Series (Max Series):

My Favorite Series of Blossom’s:

My song for Sarah:

My Song For Blossom:

Parents Anniversary Song:

My Favorite Song – Standing:

An Additional Note: Ficlets is a second home to those who’s multiple personalities require more room to cultivate their quirkiness. A family of strangers with so much in common, where we hide behind fake names and stories but reveal more of ourselves that way than we ever could.

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