I find myself in my early 30’s, pulling a respectable income from a respectable job, living in a respectable house in a respectable neighborhood. I have a beautiful wife who gave me a beautiful son.

As a teenager, I wrote compulsively. I lived to create lines of poetry. Over the last 10 years, I’ve written a few poems and story snippets, but nothing much.

But I haven’t created anything in ten years. I’m here to begin again.

Ficlet Strains I’ve been working on:

.357 ( is a noir-type story about a homicide detective. The story alternates between the present, where the lead character, Cooper, is suicidal and distraught about something he did “that night” and the past, which tells the story about “that night.”

The Pillar( is a look a space-faring human race who haven’t found any aliens and fallen to complacency, then are confronted with a new enemy.

Out-of-Order Challenge
( is a response to a posted challenge to write a Pulp-Fiction style story, where the events are told…you guessed it…out of order. I’ve wrapped this one up.

You must check this out. The best story going on Ficlets is by JLaughter. It’s called Bagman, starting with If you like the Neuromancer, Johny Nmonic, Cyberpunk world, then this is two slices of awesome wrapped in bacon.

I’m very flattered by any comments, prequels, or sequels to my writing. So, please, tell me what you think.

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