What do I like? Writing, Greek mythology, clever designs, Moulin Rouge, genealogy, comedy movies, music, creating things, French, my dog, swimming, the beach, friends, singing, painting…..........

Another new school year, and I personally love it so far. (except for one select class…grr.) I love listening to music, especially while I write, because it inspires me like crazy. (I guess you could say it fuels my fingers…or is that too cheesy?) Some of my favorites are the Beatles, Alicia Keys, the Beatles, Coldplay, the Beatles, Radiohead, the Beatles, and lastly, the Beatles. I am in love with swimming, and the winter league this year has been EXTRA fun because of all my friends. :) (Sadly, it rarely inspires me, though.)Greek mythology also plays a major part in some of my inspiration, like in one of my ficlets.
Some of my favorite ficlets…

Eros and Psyche – my own take on my personal favorite Greek myth. It’s a really sweet myth compared to all the other ones with cannibalism and murder and adultery, etc, and one of the only ones with a happy ending.

Breaking Away An impulse, pretty much. What else is there to say? Beware, though. Don’t get too hooked, because I honestly have no idea how this will end. It might never have an ending.

Essence A dog story. I love dogs, especially my own black lab. <3

The Rope A strange dream I had one night. When I woke up, I just had to put it in a ficlet.

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