Hi, and welcome to Cara’s homepage! Im Cara Wayland. Is it bad to post my last name on this? Hmm…. oh well. forget i said that. Anyways, im Cara and this is my homepage! But you already know that so ill get on with the program. im 13 years old and i go to Hopkinton High School. Im in the eighth grade.I have alot of friends and they all rock. Here are some of my personal details. Im about 5’6” and i have shortish blondish hair and blueish greenish eyes.And i like saying ish, as you can tell. I have a great personality and people say im really funny If .you get mad at people easily or have a quick temper, please try to keep it cool! I told you i was blonde, so it takes me a few seconds (or minuts) to get what your saying. I say that you have to have a sense of humor in order to live your life to its fullest. If you think that im a cool person then you should really drop a line (ive always wanted to say that!!!) Anyways… drop a line to my AIM which is I hope you have a sense of humor (or at least are really cool and knows how to take a joke) Je parler francais. Tu parler francais? Je parler francais tres, tres mal. Je suis grande, et blonde, est je na’ime pas intelligent. For u non french speaking people, all i really said was that i was stupid. You know it, i know it, and my parents know it (though they wont admit it)

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