I’m in highschool, currently trying to pass all my subjects.
I love to read and write along with draw (though I don’t think I’m good at any of these yet).
Also seeing as how I’m new feel free to leave me a note on anything I may be doing wrong or anything that I can improve on.
My first Ficlet is going to be about domestic abuse, the reason why I would choose that subject is to me it is not heard of enough.
People don’t hear about it, it’s never really mentioned on the News so I want to write this because I feel people need to be more aware of it.
Though I’ve never been abused (Thank the Lord) but I’m going to try to make it realistic by thinking of how I would feel or what I would do in a sistuation.
If you guys want to see the my ficlet before I had to cut a bunch of stuff off just ask and I’ll send it to you somehow. lol
Lol will know that I was able to write about my first Ficlet lol because I’m a dork of course I’m now going to go write it.

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