Newly 30, but I act like a bad twelve year old, I lived shady in my home town of New Orleans since forever.Recent relocation to this podunk burg has been a mixed blessing. Starting college at this age is a great way to stay motivated. Living in a suburban wasteland when you are accustomed to centenarian oaks, and good architecture even in the slums leaves me bored and angsty. Angstiness at my age is unattractive so i force the cheer like my life depends on it…it does. Indulging depression is an express bus ride to hell which i,for one , will never board again. I read a lot. I write a little. I’m usually a visual artist but I’m all over this for the comedy,so feel free to write rude dirty comments.I love to talk smack and will respond in kind. I’m rewriting this to appear less cryptic than my previous profile. Although Interpol is no longer on my tail I have it on good authority that Inspector Gadget has joined forces with the unholy trinity of ninja moles, alquaeda jank gnomes, and the sketch squirrels to hunt me down. So if anybody little ,twitchy,only partly tangible,or gadgety asks -you ain’t seen me…Also I swear a lot, have congenital potty mouth issues, and enjoy the proper use of bad grammar. Like the song sez ‘as long as I’m alive I’ma live illegal. keep it hood ficlets Love ,peace, and hair grease…

Also I have recently joined The League of You Know Who (Awesomeness -Duh!) Unofficial awesome official moniker The Serb of Awesome Viking Doom pretty cool right?

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