I am Christine!No words could describe anyonespersonality . You have to get to know me in person before you judge me. Dont lable or judge me, and I will treat you with respect. Im not cocky, Just realconfident . Expect More Than What You See. I say sorry way too much. I think in life, you should try everything once. Im usually shy when we first meet, but once you get too know me, Im super outgoing. Friends&Family are my whole life. My best friends mean the world too me. If your going to talk shit, be real & tell it to my face. I’m told I give good advice. I love making people happy and feel better about them selves. I notice the little things people do. I do not try to be anyone other than myself. I have a big heart but I will be straight up with you! I feel very strongly about liers, I do not like them at all. I believe everyone should get a secondchance. I dont trust very many people. I am very opinionated. I keep my comments to myself unless asked for them. I keep my promises. I love to Laugh & Smile and I am very tickleish. I love to give and recieve Compliments. I do get mad easily. I love to dance & I listen to all varieties of music. I love to sing. I am a beach girl.I’m fun to hangout with. I love making new friends.

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