Crazee Writer Gal

I just started writing one day and it flowed out of me. It was sometime before 7th grade, probably even before 6th. I don’t remember exactly when or how but now it’s my passion and I have written 2 books. One is a fantasy about a world of wolves and the other is a realistic fiction about a 16 year old teenage girl’s difficult life. I’ve written short stories, poems, songs, diaries. I love writing. Sometimes my talent even makes school work and reports easier.
I like people who share my talent because I can relate to them. That’s why I like this site. I love to sing and dance and a computer is my favorite item. I write and go online using computers. I like taking pictures and making videos, too. I play dress up, or a funny version. Meaning we make funny videos (me and my cousin) and dress up for them. It can be considered writing a play, I guess. I always enjoy a good laugh. I have one a lot, too.
I love being daring and adventurous. I love theme parks and roller coasters!!! Junk food and candy and soda (Pepsi!) rule, lol! I like being scared at Halloween time in haunted houses. I enjoy holidays, presents and video games.
That’s it I guess. I hope we have some stuff in common and can be friends!

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