I’ve always wanted to be an author, end of story. I’m not the greatest writer but I try my hardest. Although I have a tendency to start a story, go “Oh, this sucks!” and never finish it.

Music is a big part of my life. My piano lessons started when I was in…kindergarten, maybe first grade? They ended about a year later, out of my hatered for practicing. My mommom owns a piano and used to be a piano teacher and would always be correcting me no matter what I did, so once I quit I picked up playing the flute. Once February rolls around I will have been playing flute for eight years, I guess. Playing the flute has taken over my life, as has marching band. (:

What the heck goes in a bio anyway? I don’t want any stalkers, but I also have nothing else to do but type one so here I am. Uh, music seems like a good topic to talk about. I like classic rock, movie/play soundtracks and worship music. My best friend and I made a playlist (more like 3) of some songs we like, or just some we felt like adding, so you can go to that if you’d like.

Shakespeare is cool. So are Harry Potter and Edward Cullen. And the coolest of them all: God, our Savior! (:

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