Frank Harber
Senior Pastor, Champions Gate Church

A noted Christian speaker, apologetics expert, author and media personality, Frank Harber is the senior pastor of Champions Gate Church in Westlake, Texas. Frank Harber comes to his ministry via an unconventional path: that of a onetime atheist.

Influenced during his undergraduate days at University of Texas by a pastor who challenged him to disprove the basis of Christianity, Frank Harber embarked upon a scholarly quest through nine major religions before ultimately embracing Christianity and evangelism. Frank Harber turned from thoughts of law school to a mission of divinity school, enrolling at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. There he earned a master’s degree before going on to earn a PhD in two and a half years.

Previous pastoral and associated appointments
Frank Harber first joined the ministry as an associate pastor at First Baptist Church Liberty City in Kilgore, Texas, where he served from 1989 to 1992. In 1992 he became president of the Institute for Christian Defense, a position he held until 2001, when he joined First Baptist Church, Colleyville, Texas, as senior pastor. Under Frank Harber’s leadership, the church’s attendance grew from 400 to 1,800. Frank Harber left First Baptist to start Champions Gate in 2006, which currently has 400 members.

Frank Harber has additionally preached at more than 800 churches. Frank Harber is a popular speaker at Worldview Weekends, evangelism conferences and convention sermons. He was personally invited by Billy Graham to participate in Amsterdam 2000, and he has led Bible studies for the PGA Tour.

Teaching experience
In addition to his pastoral duties, Frank Harber taught at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1992 to 2001, first as an adjunct professor and ultimately as a professor of Evangelism. He was also an adjunct professor at Criswell College from 1995 to 1996.

Books and publications
Frank Harber is a prolific author. His first book, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, was published in 1996. He wrote Reasons for Believing in 1999. Frank Harber’s Sherlock’s Faith: An Investigator’s Guide to Christianity was published in 2004. Frank Harber’s latest book is Prove It! Frank Harber is also the co-creator of the Got Life? evangelical toolkit for a postmodern world.

Frank Harber has contributed to The Mission of the Evangelist (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association), Mysteries of the Bible Now Revealed and the Starting Point Study Bible. Frank Harber has also written many magazine articles and twice received the Evangelical Press Association Award of Excellence, an honor bestowed on the year’s best evangelical article.

Broadcast media presence
Frank Harber is a television and radio personality. His radio credits include “The Real Life with Frank Harber,” “The Champions Call” and “Fire Away!” with Kirby Anderson. Frank Harber’s television credits include co-hosting the Family Net Family Enrichment Series as well as appearances on shows including “Cope,” “Home Life,” “At Home,” “Praise the Lord” and “Feed the Children with Larry Jones.”

Frank Harber and his wife, Becky, live in Texas with their four children: Graham, Gabrielle, Hunter and Hannah.

Praise for Frank Harber
“Frank Harber is speaking to today’s generation.”
Dr. Bob Reccord, Former President
North American Mission Board

“He’s an expert in Apologetics. He not only tells people HOW to become a Christian but WHY they should become a Christian . . . I think he’s a genius.”
Dr. Jerry Falwell, Former Chancellor
Liberty University
Lynchberg, Va.

“Frank Harber is truly answering the questions that the secular mind is asking today. His crusades engage secular society with the compelling evidence of Christianity.”
Dr. Ken Hemphill, Former President
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth, Texas

“Frank Harber is an extremely gifted speaker. As a former atheist, Frank’s presentation is like few others I have ever heard.”
Brannon Howse
Christian Worldview Network

Praise for Frank Harber’s books
“Sherlock’s Faith is concise explanation of what Christianity is all about. It is straightforward and to the point. I urge you to buy multiple copies and give them to your friends you care about.”
Rick Warren
Pastor, Saddleback Valley Community Church
Mission Viejo, Calif.

“Dr. Frank Harber’s book is an excellent and practical tool to use in personal evangelism. It presents irrefutable evidences for the authenticity of the Biblical claims of Jesus Christ in a brief, readable, clear and non-technical style. Written for the non-Christian, it can be used effectively in witnessing as a bridge to reach both seekers and skeptics in our society with its increasing secularist-humanistic mindset.”
Dr. Darrell W. Robinson
Former Vice President, Evangelism
Home Mission Board, SBC
Alpharetta, Georgia

“In this well-reasoned and practical look at the essentials of the Gospel message, Evangelist Frank Harber has provided an excellent handbook for sharing one’s faith. Coming initially from an atheistic background, Harber is uniquely qualified to take us step by step into the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.”
Greg Laurie
Evangelist, Harvest Crusades
Pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship
Riverside, Calif.

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