I’m a new Army Wife and mother to a beautiful little girl! Even though I’m only 25 I’m beginning to feel as though my life has passed by in some big blur and I’m now much older than I look. I guess there’s a certain sense of wisdom you get when you grow up fast. I’ve always felt mature for my age, but now I suppose my body has just somehow caught up with it. I love my life though! I get to go to new places and see new things being a military wife, but I also get to see how messed up this life can be. The crazy things that military member and their families have to deal with is like this big secret that people don’t understand. The military can be like this underground secret society with it’s own language and rules and crazy laws that seem archaic. But it’s a lifestyle that has great experiences and memories taht I don’t think I would change for the world. Family is a new experience that only the military has given me. I love everything about it!

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