I’m a girl searching for an inspiration.
I was never fufilled by my past writings.
Now is a time for my writings to change.

In August of ‘06, my life changed. I gave it over to Jesus Christ, and now I’m completely in love with Him and how He has changed my life. It’s been a journey to find a boost, something to drive the pen in my hand. But I know in my God I will find inspiration. And whatever comes from me – poems, stories, ect – will be ten times as greater than my previous work.

With all that said, I love meeting new people and sharing stories and intense laughter. I love Infusion Tea and Starbucks, and use Bert’s Bees lip balm by the hour. My church, Northwest Community, is fantastic – I have the greatest family there. I’m also in the dance company there, where we put on amazing plays called Diaries. If you’re in the Orlando area, ask me about these plays – they will far surpass your expectations. I’m in love with life and excited for the future.

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