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I encourage people to sequal my ficlets. Often when i start something i either lose intrest for a long time or hit i road block or just forget about it.

I have a few stories that i have sequaled myself on. most stop at my second one but the story isn’t over. i don’t feel that they are series really.
heres is a list of them and their links

High Heeled Shoe and a Diamond Ring:
This is about a person in a witness protection program who keeps being found by some one. this is also a bit of a romance especially in the beggining_I want to continue this more soon_

Middle of Every Where:
This is where a group of people whos plane crashes in the intersection of all the land types. all the people are completely different and they all have to deal with each other_Writers block. feel free to sequal this_

Veggie or Fruit :
This is a tomato’s quest to find our if it is a fruit or veggatable. on the way she meets a cucumber and banana who join her on her quest. this takes them out of the store to a house in a garden and to the tropics

Inside the Death Star:
i don’t know how to sum it up really but heres the link. i have writers block on this one too

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