Hey, everyone, I’m Castitas~Lillium :)

I’ve had a Ficlets account before (as KazeTenshi) but I (like the dolt I am) forgot my openID account and, therefore, could not get onto my Ficlets account >_>.

Anyway, a little about me…I’m almost 14 and have been writing since I could hold a pencil. I love to write more than anything else in the world. I also love to draw manga and paint. I absolutely love to read! I love fantasy books and non-fiction books mostly but I’ll read anything else that sounds good too :) ! I like to watch animes and some random shows on T.V…I love wolves..

So that’s me! I’m just your normal Japanese-loving, semi-artistic, wolf-worshiping girl. Nothing special here. Now that that’s over with, I hope you enjoy some of my Ficlets! Like I said, I’m almost 14 so I still don’t have a fully grown vocabulary. Pointers and positive critisism – Yes, please!

Thanks for reading my profile!

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