guys: no shirt, no service.
girls: no shirt, not charge.
who said the world wasn’t messed up?

describe myself in 1 word? weird. describe myself in 3 words? weird and proud. i might be the strangest person you met, or i might the sanist. all depends on how you look at it. what else am i? i’m random. i’ll just blurt out a word because i felt like it. i’m also a chocoholic. no, not a fat dude, but a fat lady. just kidding, i’m not fat, i’m actually underweight. i’m also a tom boy, thats right, a girl who ACTS like a guy. i like being female, and i’m not les. i own at most sports and i pla ythe guitar, pretty damn well too ;p. i also draw and i have a weird obsession with pop tarts. weird, no? anyway, since i get bored of reading really long abouts, i’ll stop it here. ta ta for now. :D

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