Misfit Dreams

There isn’t much to tell. I have Insomnia so I blog when I can’t sleep. It’s either blog or lay there making up story after story after story in my head until the alarm goes off. Not very interesting.. Hmm.. Let me see…

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived a young girl. This girl, from all outward appearances, seemed pretty normal. If you ignored the sarcasm, dry wit, random telling of dirty jokes, that is. This young girl slowly grew into a young woman. She surrounded herself by those that wouldn’t get all weepy if she told them it wasn’t the pants that made their butts look big. That sometimes objects in the mirror were actually as large as they appeared. That some people liked big butts and cannot lie. People learned to come to her if they wanted the truth because that was the first thing that came from her lips.

She had a broken circuit in her brain it seemed. Where normal people would filter their words, hers just slipped right through. She was often dismayed by the reactions. “If you didn’t want to know you shouldn’t have asked.” became her mantra. Pretty soon she decided that it was best to just keep her mouth shut. So, she took a vow of silence.

Now, she is working on trying to convince her fingers that the vow of silence includes them. They are in an extreme battle of wills at this time. Since they can make some pretty rude gestures and all she can do is glare they seem to have the upper hand.

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