Hunting Beauty

I never actually wrote “ficlets”, as they’re called on here, until I actually got an account on ficlets. I was more of a poetry writing kind of girl, though I wasn’t always the best at that. Since I’m just starting to write ficlets, I’d like you to rate them and give me advice on what I could change or do differently in my ficlet. Don’t go easy on me either…I want constructive critisism. I’ve already had a few ppl help me out. Uselessness, Lone Writer, THX 0477, and Alexa…thanks for that constructive critisism you’ve been giving me. I also want to thank any one else that might help me out in advance. I appreciate the help.

And if ne one wants to make a sequel to one of my ficlets, be my guest, but comment me and let me know so I can check ur sequel out k? Thnx!

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