Psylamia of the Skies

I’m pretty creative. Other than my obsessive writing (I’ve started about six books, none of which got off the ground) I love to read, draw, sing, act, and dance. I also play with dolls, I know I know. A nearly 20 year old woman playing with dolls? What? But yes. I collect Bratz dolls and personalize them, cut their hair, change their makeup, make them clothes (Did I mention I knit like crazy?) I’m hoping to use them in a webcomic soon, using photos rather than drawings. I’m still working out a plot, which I may develop here.
I’m a double forensic chemistry and theater major at Western Oregon University, going to be a sophomore in the fall.
I get a lot of my inspiration from House M.D., my own life, and random instances. Such as my story “A Magical Mistake” I wrote it in intro to fiction because my teacher talked about personification, in other words, giving something life. Get it? A lot of time my writing is just based on nothing.

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