I love writing and I’m trying to exercise my thoughts.

Stuff that I love
Mie goreng, friends& family, teachers strikes, top gear, Coolum, chocolate, Mindil beach markets, myspace, cute stationary, family guy, laughing, seafood, Carrie Bradshaw, walks, handwritten letters, mango, msn?, Trash Culture, free stuff, Zooey Deschenal, pathetic inside jokes, pippas crusts, paper clips, muffin crumbs, The Rolling Stones, Hamish & Andy, BRISBANE, magazines, documentaries, reading, hamburgers, rain&thunderstorms, beaching, movies, the i-macs! , rainbows, cupcakes, simpsons, photos, The Beatles, Fred flare, Butterfingers, crunchy grapes, YOUTUBE, cyanide and happiness comics, nerdyness, converses, Heavenlee Deli! Art cinema, summer, music that makes me smile, Parap markets, crepes, robots! Organic food, holidays, bike riding, music, commas and semi-colons, swimming, Chinatown markets, recycling, grape soda, Audrey Hepburn, afternoon tea, the mighty boosh, pink nails, sunsets and sunrises, op-shop shopping.

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