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I am only ten and my mama told me never to talk to strangers until i’m old, and big, and tall enough to kick them on their shins. Well, two out of trhree ai’nt bad. I love music, poems, books, and down right out-of-nowhere-instant-classic things (or people) in general. I been told all my life that I am a very addicting person. I must be, because I had to challenge some bitches one day to stop coming at my directions for good. I’m also a bully fighter. And I wished I was on drugs, so I can make sense of what I just wrote down. Oh, yeah, I hate loud music. My ears hurts when a dog caller uses one of those whistle for the dogs. I must be a dog. Ah, by the way, I feel in love with a screenames up in the texas holdem poker room. I must be an emot/bots cuz, there’s no way a real human being could fall for animated. Well, I love all things in life, and lifeless. Everything is hot, some are right down on fire when I see them….smiling, laughing, giggling, flirting, kissing and etc. Yep, I wanna be one of those….space cadets.

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