Well, school started im already am part of all the pity drama..i could start now and tell you about my life…love i won’t….
I love writing, so ya. Please leave comments and feel free to write sequels or prequels

OH and just send me a note if you wanna write a series with me:)

Yay! 100 comments as of 10/17/08
100 ficlets as of 12/1/08..:)
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I love music and my favorite song changes like every week..I love Alternative Music, Screamo and Rock music..without it I would be ..I love Three Days grace and We the kings, the Chiodos, etc

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Im kinda hooked on Ashley Parker Angel right now…
Im a teenage girl who loves music, reading, and other stuff like that….

I love tiramisu
I love making lists
I love making people smile
I don’t share stuff with people
I don’t gossip
I act differently towards different quiet or loud..not like bipolar
I love playing soccer
I finally took the time to make a myspace
I have 3 bestfriends and thats it..I would trust them with my life
I am the most clumsiest person you will ever meet
I love reading and writing
I love art
I love a lot of things…
I HATE ….. raisins…....

I just started..
Its a series with Band geek, its about a girl with messed up dreams and she goes to her new school and meets an interesting guy name starts at

Its a series with Lena, its about a girl who is invisible to almost everyone and well he’s like the hottest guy in the’ll see where this goes. it starts at

So pathetically in love with him(manwhore series)
Its about a girl names peyton trying to forget about a guy but he won’t let her, and a new guy comes and well..from then on..their love lifes are a little complicated…

Craving Bruises by Sadistic Companions(on going….)
Its about a teenager who doesn’t know how to cope with her feelings..

Hurricane Jack (completed)
a series me and music hearted did
It was great while it lastedï?Š

Even if it kills me…I’ll bleed it out…I’d love to hate you(Ended/Stalled)
A really short series that I continue on anytime…

New Found Glory, Or Not..(Stalled)
It’s a series me and Dreamt of Turquoise did..its not completely finished but its actually about 2 best friends letting a new guy get into their life…

Theres other stories that I wrote if you want to see…my profile…

OH, and Im in love with a fictional character…lol(Edward Cullen)

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