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hello, i am lauren. i am considered one of the stranger people on earth. or maybe not from earth. haha im just kidding. writing is my life, i would be lost without it. although i hate school writings, i find the enjoyment to just write out my thoughts when i become stressed out or just in the mood. i also love to read. i have a book almost all the time with me. i am turning 14 over the summer and i dance and play soccer in my free time. dancing is my passion you could say… i love the music that goes along with it and just being able to feel the rhythm go through your body like blood pumping through your veins. i am somewhat new to ficlets but i have fallen in love with it and even sneak on here when i am not allowed to be on the computer. a lot of people call me “different” or something to that sort but it’s not that i don’t have friends. i am just crazy :] just your average physco path is all haha =] . i am also a total nerd and dork facee and am very proud of that. speaking of friends i must mention them because without them in my life, i would have no meaning, they cheer me up even when i would rather not be cheered up, they always have fun and i can trust them with anything. you know who you are. that is all.


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