Connor Williams
Paul Merrick
John Pitts
Megan Lee

Rules for the Game

Starting and Moving

The first rule is that a player starts at the first box left to the top-left hand corner of their ring. The person who goes first is the person on the outside ring. 
Each turn, the player roles the dice. If the dice lands on the numbers 4 – 6 then he or she must re-roll. For whatever amount the dice lands on, that player jumps ahead that many spaces to the right.
When a player reaches a corner, (The spaces with numbers in them.) that player may not pass it or land on it until he or she has money equal to the number provided.
If the player rolls a 3 when his or her character is at the square directly to the left of the corner, then the player may not go forward that many spaces unless he or she has that much money.
Corners count as spaces when you move.

Characters and Money

All players choose one of the four playable characters. No two players can be the same character.
The first character is the Plantation Owner: He starts out at the outer most ring. At the beginning of the characters owner’s turn, this player gets one extra slave. Once each turn, the Plantation Owner gets $300 for each slave he has.
The second character is the Slave Trader: This player starts out by rolling a dice to move like every other player, but after he moves, he gets to roll another dice. If it is a 4 – 6 then he gets one slave. (All players keep their slaves on the paper they have to keep things from getting confusing.) He does not get money for having slaves, but instead he may sell them at whatever price he wants to the plantation owner, but the minimum price for selling them is - $400. This character’s ring is the one in the middle towards the outside.
The third character is the Slave Hunter: He does not get a cumulative upkeep like the Plantation Owner does, but instead gets money for catching escaped slaves. When the Slave Conductor helps a slave escape, the Slave Hunter may roll a dice for each slave the Conductor helps escape. If he rolls a 5 – 6 then he automatically gets control of the slave he rolled for. He may offer to sell as many individual slaves to the Plantation Owner for a minumum price of 700 dollars each. If the Plantation Owner refuses to buy them then the Slave Hunter may one time only get 25 dollars for that slave. This character’s ring is the middle one towards the center.
The fourth character is the Slave Conductor: At the beginning of this character’s turn, he or she rolls a dice. Whatever the number is, that player has the option of helping that many slaves escape. The Slave Conductor can once turn help a slave escape that the Plantation Owner controls. 
The Slave Conductor rolls a 5 when he moves. He gets to move 5 spaces but comes to a corner and does not have the reasonable money to pass it. The player stops at the space directly before the corner. Then he or she rolls a dice to see how many slaves escape. The player rolls a 5! He decides to help all of the slaves escape PLUS the one extra slave the Plantation Owner controls. He gets 300 dollars. The Slave Hunter then rolls a dice for each slave the player helped escape. He managed to get a 3, 2, 5, 1, 2 and a 6. He gets two slaves, and the Slave Conductor gets an additional 200 dollars.
The Slave Hunter now has 2 slaves that he can sell. The Slave Conductor now has 500 dollars, and the Plantation Owner has lost a slave.
Each turn he may get $50 for each slave he decides to help escape. Then, the Slave Hunter rolls a dice to see if he gets any of them. (If he does get the slave the Slave Conductor still retains the earlier $50.) For each slave the Slave Hunter does not get, the Slave Conductor gets another $50.
This character’s ring is the centermost one.

Rewards and Risk Cards

In the middle of each two corners are * marked spaces. When a player lands on one, then he draws a risk card, and then does what the effect of the card says. If a risk card says “Go to jail.â€? Then that player may not move his or her piece to roll for the next turn and does not get any money for that turn, but may still only buy slaves. If your character can only sell slaves help them run away, or catch them, then you may not buy slaves because that counts as getting money.
When a plays lands on a corner or passes one, then he or she draws a reward card, and then does whatever the effect of the card says.

How to Win

A players win by getting to the final corner of their ring. (The corner with the highest number on it.)

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