Peter Hodges

Peter Hodges in three words: opinionated, mercurial, and passionate.

Peter is currently a chemist with a master’s degree in chemistry, specializing in physical chemistry. His current employer shall remain nameless (in the wake of corporate paranoia and our overly litigious society), but suffice to say that it is a large corporation tasked with providing chemicals to the semi-conductor industry. While the job may be a necessary step to climbing the corporate ladder, the ten million dollar question is whether Peter wants to climb the corporate ladder. It would be so much more fun to be a writer.

Unfortunately for his writing career, Peter’s mother didn’t raise a stupid boy. While trying to get a writing career off the ground, he will continue to “bring home the baconâ€? in a respectable corporate job while living out his dreams on the side. After all, good dreams should be like french fries…

Peter is married to a beautiful pregnant woman, has a wonderful dog that is smarter than any given kindergartener, and has a nice house in the suburbs (another reason for that nice, corporate job). But he would trade it all for a ski lodge on the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains, provided he had a broadband connection, a good PC, and a season pass lift ticket.

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