I’m 15 years old and in 9th grade.

I have 5 main loves. Blake Lewis. Harry Potter. Soccer. Hairspray. And Wicked.

But of course…

I love all my friends too

and everyone here on Ficlets!!!

I love to read, which is probably why I love to write.

I really do love poetry even though I didn’t use to, so I do like to right many poems along side of me different series on here . My favorite poem is “Dreams” by Langston Hughes.

In 7th grade we had to right a poem about why we read, and in a why I can really relate it to why I write.

I write for so many reasons, sometimes I’m just bored, others I need a way to get my feelings out. But no matter what the reason is, I’m always enjoying it.

And I love criticism!!! Good or bad.

I’m usually the third wheel when hanging out with friends, but that’s okay with me because people would be bored without me, I guess I tend to always “make a scene” as one of my friends always likes to put it.

Career wise I have no clue what I want to do, I’m only 14. But maybe something to do with writing could cross my path, which could be fun. But on the other hand I was always interested in the Health Career.

So have fun reading my stuff, please comment and rate, thanks!!!

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