PyroPunk 51 (PPP LoA)

Programmer by trade. Weird ideas haver by night.

I always try to nirvana my stories. (The Unfortunate Events are an Exception – I had written them on Human Pets before I found ficlets)

Official member of the League of Awesomeness. Self chosen title: The Purveyor of Pyromaniac Prowess. Long live the League!

My Challenges:
My 1 month/40 ficlets challenge:
Unconventional Zen Master ended and judged

I set myself an LoA entrance test!
Paint a picture – be as descriptive as possible ended and judged

Spam challenge – create a nonsensical ficlet done and dusted

My Series:
Jaliyah’s magical adventure – a modern african fairy tale (waiting for inspiration or another sequel by somebody else)

The glass princess – an ancient story translated and retold

Series I participated in:
Stella Star
Stella Star and the Great Escape

The Corporation, Incorporated
Preferrerential Treatment at The Corporation, Inc.

Stories (72)