Names Rachel…..
To mature to be the age I’am.
Despise age.
Age is just a number.
Please get serious its just a number.
Maturity is what to, seek.
Not digets.

I love astrology.
I’am a Capricorn (sun sign),
with moon in Gemini,
venus in Sagittaruis,
mars in Capricorn.

I been writing poetry since 11-12ish.
Since today,
Sunday, August 27th, 2007…..
I been trying to improve it.
Trying to expand my vocabulary,
>.< hopefully I will succeed.
& Expand other parts.
I have not yet understood,
these “parts”.
I need to find out what these “parts”,
are actually called in writing.
I need to make them more emotional/meaningful.

And help from others would be appreciated.
Just try not to be bitchy or rude in any fact :/
I will BLOCK you.
If I see you have become so.

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