Ryll Rhiley

Ryll’s the name, writing’s the game. Nice to meet you.

I’m not so great at talking about myself, but I’ll do what I can if it so pleases you. Here’s some tidbits: My real name is a little hard to pronounce because it’s French. I’m Catholic. I hate writing about sad and dreary things, but I do from time to time to challenge myself. Apparently, I’m a social butterfly and an extrovert. I like to refer to myself as a ninja. I’m 17, and I still watch cartoons. I get “then” and “than” confused fairly often, I should probably look into that. I want to major in English and get a job as a newspaper editor and a novelist on the side. I’m not always good with negative feedback, but I appreciate learning new things. House is a great show. I don’t actually read books very often. I don’t really like my job. Lilacs are mystifying. I have a pet cactus. I’m also a little weird… bet you couldn’t tell. :)

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