Louise Madison

Proudly the newest member of LoA and solemnly swear to uphold the duty to be awesome as the….
Mixtress of the Turntables of Awesomness

So I firgured my last bio was sufficiently tiny. So I am going to change that….starting now. So Let’s start off with the basics:
I love to ski, even thought i only learned last year and been only twice. I seem to have a knack for it…
I play the guitar and have been for three years. So I’m not the best. I still love playying and that’s what counts, right?
I love to read and write and was nominated for the writing award at my school. They were hand-selected b the teachers and I’m quite proud. If I win it, you’ll know here. If I don’t…well, you’ll probably never hear of it again.
Also, I just learned about the beauty of challenges. If you have a good one, drop me a note, will ya?
I like to comment and rate whenever I can and I appreciate it when others do the same.
I’m an aspiring author, so constructive criticism is also welcomed as well as very much appreciated.
Oh, and most likely if you add me and note me that you did, I’ll add you too. Just to keep in mind.

This is probably the section where the book quotes should go…
Well, see I don’t really have any, but that could change soon.

By the way, PLEASE feel free to sequel my stories. I haven’t yet had one and I would really like to series with another person.

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