The Mass Rock Dude

I was born on the planet Krypton, where I was raised, and I planned to live, until the planet was destroyed and I was sent off the planet in a spaceship that also held the man you now know as Superman, or perhaps Clark Kent. But in mid flight, our spaceship cabins became seperated and instead of landing in a field like Clark did, I crashed into an old abandoned mansion. I, unlike Clark, was already 15 then. I had been sent off the planet to help Clark become accustomed to the new planet, but I’d already failed that, so I scavenged the new planet for food and I made the mansion my home. After I’d gotten my bearings, I went into the local town to look for a job. I then found out I was in a country called America, a planet called Earth, and a city called Boston. I got a job for the newspaper, and I’ve spent my life honing my writing skills to become a better journalist. A few years after I joined the paper though, I found out about the weird power I had. And no, it wasn’t the same kind as Superman’s. You see, all Kryptonians share a basic set of powers but every Kryptonian has a unique single power that sets him or her away from everybody else. My power, oddly enough, was that whenever I was constipated, I turned into Lizard Man! As soon as I found out, I began practicing contipation excercises, so I could get constipated when I needed to turn into a lizard, and so I wouldn’t suddenly turn into a lizard in the middle of the street. I’ve been living my life like this for the past few years, but suddenly, a few months ago, everything changed. One night, I was sleeping in my bed at my mansion, when suddenly I woke up to find a vampire sucking my blood! Ever since then, I’ve had a strong yearning to suck blood, and the only way I can keep myself from giving into my vampiric temptations is to find an addiction so strong and overwhelming, I will be to busy to do anything else. That addiction now has a name. Ficlets.

I would describe myself as a rocker gone D&D geek. I love writing, rocking, and everything in between. I have my own website,, which I update as often as possible, and I also have my own rock band, featured on the website, called Twelve.
If anyone wants to write a series together, I’d be glad to, just send me a note.

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