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Heyy! So if your reading my ficlets right now, I’m really thankful! Now how do I tell people about myself without giving too much away….. Well i love playing flute and piccolo… I’m also on the winterguard and track team (GO HURDLES!!) and I never used to write, but my bff (Band Baby) got me addicted to this site so now I do. Anyway thats about it.

Now all I have to do is concentrate on drivers training…
Hopefully I’ll still be able to find time to write though!

The “Your personal fantasy challenge”. Tell me about who you want to be =]

I have joined the League of Awesomeness!
Flutiest of Awesomeness =)

Commentt me please!! I need criticism because well some of my stuff isn’t all that great =) Oh and if you sequel something of mine, send me a note! I’d lovee to read it!

“I Give Up” series (anyone dare to continue it?)

The 3:33AM Series (Anyone dare to continue this one?)

Ashley and Cameron Series (I sometimes forget about this one…)

Winter and Jay Series (Up and running! Read Rate Comment!)(with band baby!)

Brenden and Erica (With Ana!)

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