I didn’t know it at the time, but I have written a novel that is completely made out of ficlets (see homepage), and am 2/3 of the way through another. As both books are Creative Commons (the website mistakenly says they are ┬ęstandard copyright, but that is due to a programming bug that will be corrected; the frontmatter correctly describes the CC license), I may post some of the already-used ficlets, or co-opt some that I write here. I’ll only co-opt my own bits, though…

Artist’s Statement

Whether it be words, sounds, colors, shapes or movements, I seek to break down the artform into its minimal [I copy-pasted this whole thing] meaningful elements and rearrange them to create new forms that may affect the viewer in unexpected ways. The end result is sometimes surreal, sometimes abstract, and often whimsical.

Each piece (or fragment) is an image captured in time; it becomes an interface between artist and viewer, and in that dance a story unfolds, [think anyone will notice?] implied not just in paint, ink and pixels, but in the history and memory. New connections are made, and each viewing is a new [Wubba! Wubba! Wubba!] creation.

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