Right Now: I’m very frightened. Life takes twists and turns that I wasn’t prepared for, and I’m left unsure of what to do. Also, I have a paper clip that’s shaped like a triangle. How cool is that?

Someday: I’m going to be someone else. I’m going to be the girl I always knew I could. I’m going to dance a dance that only I know…

Welcome to My World: I feel so young, so small, so unexperienced. And then, at the same time, so much older…I’m feeling out of place in my own body.

If you cannot teach me to fly, then teach me to dance.

Hmm…I’m fifteen. I’m a freshman in high school… I’m a dancer; dancing and writing are my absolute two favorite things to do. I love writing because it’s such a good outlet. Some outlets can be self-destructive…trust me, I know.

So I am your basic teenager—not the prettiest or the ugliest, not the smartest or the stupidest, not the coolest or the nerdiest, not the most popular of the loner. Just in-between. In-between everything. Except my two sisters…I’m the oldest there!

Also, I have a pet goldfish. He’s the only one who likes my artwork. He also greatly appreciates my ballet dancing. This may say something about future careers I should not pursue…

I like to look at the sky. Clouds are cool. Imagination games rock. If you’ve never illegally climbed on construction sites while filming movies, you’re missing out on crucial parts of life. If there are no construction areas, climb a fire escape.

I have lots of wishes and lots of dreams for me and my life. I don’t know if any of them will come true, and that’s scary.

Every time we breathe we take a chance
Every time we smile that chance seems worth it
But every time we cry
We forget we always have another chance around the corner.

I’m still figuring out who I am.
If you figure it out first, send me a note, cause I’m dying to know.

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