An undeniable craving eats and fills my very soul. A destiny unknown and just out of reach. Things unseen become the angels that watch and the demons that taunt, the very essence of me. I am who I am. As God has willed me to be. I do what I do. For God has given me the power to do so. Created to live. Created to thrive. Created to strive to craft beauty, with the simplicity of words, the complexity of feelings, and the desire of the heart.

This is me.

Dazzled and intoxicated by the sheer need to become the success I am meant to be. Turning over a new leaf, a dream has willed me to do what I was meant to do. And that is… to write. It’s something that I’ve wanted…needed… lived to do. So I’m going to go for it. Watch the sky you guys… my words are about fly.

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