S. Lynn

I will gladly write a story with someone. It would be a very good learning experience for me and something fun to do! Send me a note if you want to.

My name is Lynnelle. I have been writing stories for a few years now. I’ve never comleted a story I particularly liked…..But I have come close to. Writing is my side hobby, family and band taking control of my life. I’m a comlete band nerd, and I play Bass Clarinet.

My favorite book(s) of all time, and forever more would have to be the Bartimaeus Trilogy! I love those books, and will always. Those books are kinda how I inspire to write, in that sarcastic, humorous attitude. But I usually write more romance than anything. But still, I love those books.

I love to get feedback for my stories, since on the few I wrote on quizilla, I never got more than a “Cool!”. And I don’t mind if you continue a story, I love to hear other people’s takes on them. Actually, I would rather prefer if someone continued a story. I am honored to be able to join the LoA. Now you shall know me as The last Squeek of Awesomeness!


Well…Um… It seems I went on hiatus for a month, but have returned to find the overwhelming wreck of unfinished ficlets that I had started before leaving…..

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