Read, Rate, Comment, Sequel.

That's my ficlets mantra.

Also, that’s the way I roll.

In my opinion, there’s no better compliment than offering an unsolicited sequel to someone else’s story. I think inspired, good-hearted sequels are more breathtaking than the best comments and ratings will ever be.

I joined the League of Awesome. From this point, I shall be known as the Awestruck Ambassador of Awesome.

There’s Something About Jodi (completed!) a series from Ana Cristina, uselessness and myself, that is absolutely hilarious and filled with great twists starts at

The Idiot’s Guide To Dating (ongoing) a series with Ana Cristina starts at

The Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Alternate Ending series with Capital “W” Writer and Ridcully Calvert starts at: (completed)

My 24 Jr. Spoof Series with BARomero (ongoing) starts at

The Partners in Crime: Jared and Britney Series (ongoing) with Kermitgorf, Celestic23 and myself starts at

My Church Under Siege Series (ongoing) starts at

My A New Life series (completed) can be found at

My Certainty Amongst Uncertainty series
Season One (completed) can be found at
Season Two (coming soon)

Choose Your Own Adventure series with A. Muse Morrington and Stovohobo (A dark-comedy satire of the book series of the same name)

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