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Fay and Jake:
With (:Shay:)luvs_ashleyparkerangel:); About Fay, a shy girl with a mysterious past who is falling in love with a Junior named Jake. Here’s the problem, she is a feshman. She doesn’t know he likes her and vice versa, check it out! It’s just getting started!

Keera and Carly:
The p.o.v. is switched back and forth between a dog with undefined abilities, or powers (me) and her owner Carly, a young teen dealing with her moms recent death. (Scene_Sierra)

The orphanage:
6 teenagers escaping from an abusive orphanage that closed years ago. Read along and experience romance, thrill, and excitment as the main character Fay, keeps everyone going.

I have more but these ^ are muh cooler ones XD

If you want to start a series with me… I would love to! Just send me a note!

I love love LOVE to sing and act… basicly you can say theatre is my passion! My dream is very big… but it is to go on American Idol and at least get to the top 6!! I think I can do it! Hey! There is nothing wrong with being confident! I would love for you to comment my stories please… if you don’t like it… tell me what I can do to make it more appealing! I have a very overactive imagination… and I think you will be able to tell which of my stories are fiction and which aren’t. Some are about my life, some are about what I would like my life to be, and some are about some wacky dream I had the night before!! Ha Ha!!
Some things you should know about me:
-Taken and happy (: {CH♥BC}
-I hate drama
-I am total band nerd!! (marching and concert)
-I play the trumpet
-I love sports (mainly softball)
-I love animals! (stop animal testing!!)
-I am a tree hugger (Global Warming needs to stop!)
-Harry Potter freak
-I am part of the LoA [You may now refer to me as the The Band Geek of Awesomeness]
-I get ticked easily. Don’t do it.

Well… thats just about it!!

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