I am mainly an artist, but i think i can write pretty well too so i’ll give that a shot. I was at soccer and i hurt my ankle.

Tite kubo is my favorite author, but he’s even more of an inspiration for my artwork. his drawings are so fanominal! If you haven’t read Bleach or Zombie Powder, then you haven’t lived!!!!
Please leave comments, feedback is valued, and send notes, chat, whatever, i like talking to people. =]

for everyone reading Outlaw Cloaks, I must apoligize because I originally made it for a graphic novel, but I liked it alot so I added it here. So if there are any parts that seem odd, or if you think it’s odd in general, sorry, it’s supposed to be a manga. But keep on reading!

-Life’s either complicated, or feeble.

I love music, a whole lot.
-Dave Matthew’s Band

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