Guten Tag! Im a freshman at high school. yeah it sucks…haha but it’s getting better

I’m also a dancer! tap, jazz and ballet! I just started point shoes and now my feet are a total mess.

Let see…..I luv music! I play the viola and NO it is not the same as a violin! Yeah orchestra’s my favorite period of the day….........

I have a huge crush on a guy that doesnt even no i exist(but dont we all)

I also would love to got to Europe someday….its on my bucket list! haha

I luv it when it snows :)

Im kind of new at creative writing, so i appreciate all of your feedback!
o and please excuse my spelling, i am literally the worst speller in the world! but thats what they invented spell check for right!? : )

I started writing a series with Shay
hope u like it…please right comments!

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