Dani H. Mefel

I beg you if you view do not be rude but please leave some critisism. Most of my poetry are actually my lyrics. I am young, very young like teens, but I would say I’m okay at writing. I’m obviosly still learning but I have one a few contests and I’m writing books and I have always read books that made people around me ask how and why. I love all kinds of art. I sing opera, I dance Ballet, I play piano, I write poetry and stories of course, I draw, sketch paint and my main medium is charcoals and pastels and i really love learning to cook. The art gene in my family apparently skips in many ways kind of like wizardry and magic. My Grandmother was an artist but my parents dont even have good hand writing. My sisters are very talented I wish I was good too. I sort of have a band although not really any more and most of my poetry is actually lyrics. I’m just waiting to be discovered along with my writing no matter how good or bad. Some one out there will like it and I know that.

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