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’ Nothing lasts forever, and depending on the weather, Im a changer…’ -Gath

I live in this weird town near the beach. One thats too small for a city and too big to be cute. Its kind of like once I get out I’ll be happy to come back for holidays, but it’s boredom and a half to live in.

Ive lived here all my life. In this house, across the road from the beach.

I have three best friends. One Ive known since we were 7, and shes obsessed with being over dramatic in every aspect of life. Its amusing to watch, and we have intuitive conversations, where we barely need to talk about what we’re really talking about.

The next lives in Melbourne, which, as small as Australia may seem, is a long way away. I havent seen her in a year, but we talk a hell of alot.

The other knows way too much about me, and I think we trust each other too much. He makes stupid jokes when Im upset, and distracts me from boredom and more fatal sorts of woes.

I enjoy coffee. We spend all our time at a coffee shop in town, sitting ont he longues, and letting them pump us with caffine. For two reasons, really- I need the caffination, and I want to live int he tv show Friends.

I would love to meet you, read your stories. Just message me.

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