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Oh my goodness… Ficlets is going away and I am so sad!!! Ficlets has done so much for me… from making me an exceptional writer, to pulling me out of a painful depression. I love ficlets all over, and I would lay down my life for it. salutes Let us hope that ficlets lives on on in our hearts.
Kevin has stated that he and his team are working on a successor, and they hope to have it out by the closing date of Ficlets.
Please contact me! My AIM sn is Barrage Hero.
My email is

I’ll miss you all so much! Never stop believing in the spirit of the writer! =’)

I ♥ Ficlets

I love reading the works of the following authors:
1. Lone writer
2. .:Band Baby:.
3. Never Explain
4. Melia
5. Stovohobo
6. Storykeeper of Fae
7. SKermitgorf
8. THX 0477
9.One time, One chance
10. The Ghost in the Machine
11. Leave me a Note
12. Wil Wheaton
13. [pens&feathers]
14. Celestic23
15. Mask by the Moon
16. Emmyful
17. Tad Winslow
18. Ana Cristina
19. TheBetweenSpace
20. Just Another Writer
21. Mighty-Joe Young
You like one my stories? Please leave a comment! Or if you feel you could add something, write a sequel! I love seeing where other people take the story. Sometimes i write without intensions of writing a sequel, then someone else turns it into a great story!

I enjoy writing poems/stories based off of songs that speak to me. Look closely, and you may see a reference to a song you might know! I love fusing music with my writing, because those are my two passions. Besides, where words fail, music speaks…

Current Series:

Ficleteers in Love with Band Baby.
We use our actual screen names in this, and thought using ficlets would be a cool twist.
Starts here:

Help me (New!) By Myself. A story about a work-obsessed doctor and his new client who is a depressed teenager.
Starts here:

The Red Planet series with Stovohobo, The Ghost in the Machine, Kermitgorf and Ridcully Calvert
Started by me, and begins here:

Tom and Lucy by myself, and has been abandoned, due to current events…

If she’s everything you’ve ever wanted with Smile4life and keepbreathing. started by Keepbreathing.
Starts here:
and then after part 3 it picks up here:

Some Shorter mini-series, if you will: (some of these are segments and are incomplete)


Open Arms

The Fellowship

The Story of Johnny Fox

Dueling With Art

Some of my favorite series by other ficleteers:

The Wonderball Series (Rather a ‘melting pot’ series, since many of Ficlet’s members participated, including me =) )

The Idiot’s Guide to Dating (Written by Ana Cristina and TheBetweenSpace, who are AWESOME in every meaning of the word!)

Jack and Anna (By my good friend, Just Another Writer.)

The Dove of Steel (By my friend, Caelum. His writing is extroardinary, and reading will be worth your while.)

Notable Singles:

Viva La Vida (Yes, I’m a Coldplay fan, lol)

And you Wonder Why


The Perfect Face (Intended to be a Single, but turned into a mini-series due to success)

Stories (361)